Towdah #1

I'm going to attempt to write a blog entry every day until Thanksgiving about something specific I am thankful for (and I'll be honest up front, it's going to be a challenge to blog every day).  To begin with an explanation, "towdah" is the Hebrew word which translates as "thanksgiving," and literally means "to extend the hand."  It may be kind of dorky to bring this up every year during the American holiday of Thanksgiving, but towdah is one of my absolute favorite Hebrew words.  I'm sure you have many yourself. ;}

Towdah #1: Yeshua ha'Messiah (Jesus the Christ). More than a concept, religious leader, or historical figure, Yeshua has transformed my life.  And He continues to do so.  I am thankful for the Cross.  I am thankful for the Resurrection.  I am thankful for life in abundance!  By abundance, I don't mean I have a lot of stuff... although I do (so do you), but I refer to the type of life I am experiencing, not the amount of it.  It is because of Yeshua that I have inner peace and hope and real joy.  Someone once said, "A Christian is someone who really lives... and never stops living."  Indeed I am thankful that this abundant life is eternal because of Him. 

Yeshua... Jesus... Lord... I love you!


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