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Whole Hands


!punctuate the beginning

This morning it was 45 degrees at sunrise.  That's too cold... it really is.  But, I decided to make the best of it and headed out for a 4-mile walk/jog/hike, during which I most definitely broke a sweat.  While I was making my way up and down the hilly terrain that makes up my route, I found myself in communion with the Creator and fully aware of the moment.  Even the random shirt I grabbed in the dimly-lit morning didn't seem so random.

The exclamation point is used at the end of a sentence to express passion, excitement or energy.  Whatever has been said is said with gusto.  I recall hearing this used as a cliche when someone does something with passion, excitement or energy: "they really put an exclamation point on that!" 

And here I am... starting my day with an exclamation point!  At the break of dawn, even though I totally disagree with God's decided temperature, I made the decision to punctuate the start of my day with an exclamation point! 

What if we di…