On the Verge (a book review)

"Running or retreating from change is like pretending tomorrow will be 1980.  It won't.  The curious leader knows that tomorrow will be different from today and that difference will providentially bring the opportunity for innovation." (p.216)

In their recent book, On the Verge, Dave Ferguson and Alan Hirsch, have provided some extremely helpful, yet challenging insights for the present and future church of God.  If "Jesus is LORD," then He impacts everything about church and culture and our families.  Church leaders must prayerfully take to heart the task of reaching those who are far from God, and lead our congregations to do the same, as we continue to move FORWARD.

There is a real Movement of God happening, and On the Verge captures the heart of this Movement!  There are a few books that I think every church leader should read, and one this has moved to the top of that list.  With thought-starters and practical suggestions, On the Verge scratches my church leadership itch.


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