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Recipe: LOW-FAT Key Lime Pie


I love it when they call me Big Poppa

Our third son - Nile - was born last week!  20.5 inches long; 6 lbs 8 oz... and!

Of all the things that delight my heart (see previous 7 blog entries), and cause me to celebrate and appreciate Who God is, NOTHING even comes close to the birth of my children!  Three times I have witnessed my son(s) being born - and each time I have felt a presence and knowledge of God that is so real that I can relate realistically with those Old Testament stories of personal encounters with a very real God! 

Fourteen years ago, I actually delivered our first son, Christian.  It was in that moment that a part of the mystery of God was revealed to me.  My whole life I had heard that God is "our Father in Heaven," but I never understood that.  In all honesty, in my mind it was pretty much just an empty title. But with the birth of each of my boys, something clicked in my soul, and I began to understand how God sees and loves me. 

God is there for us, and with us, no matter what …