Walk on the Ocean

Day two of my Week of Delight, and it will come to no surprise to anyone who knows me at all, that next on my list of things that I delight in, and cause me to delight in God is my love, the Ocean!

"Ocean" a poem I wrote 11-29-07, at South Beach in Boca Raton, FL.
As the warmth of the sun covers me,
I sit in a sand castle only God could create.
What is this feeling?
So bizarre in its essence,
Is it the love I have for your beauty?
Or is it the loneliness of knowing you'll soon be far away?
Upon your surface I glide,
Beneath the depths, I hide.
I never want to leave this place
And in my heart I never will.
Seashells and sand
Mementos of moments
So rare and fleeting...
And yet everlasting.
Wash over me.
Wash over me.
And as the warmth of the sun covers me,
My gaze upon you wonders, "Could this be the last?"
All the while, the wetness on my face and the salt upon my lips
Is a hopeful mixture of Ocean and tears.


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