Music to my ears

 7 Days of Delight, Day 5

Since I was a kid, especially since I was a teenager, music has spoken to my heart immensely.  Songs have a way of moving me not just closer to God, but moving me with God.  Electronica is my genre of choice; synthesizers and drum machines often move my spirit to bliss!  In the 80s we called it "new wave," then we called this "alternative."  In the 90s it got labeled "techno."  My favorite label for electronic music is "aggressive smile pop."  I know, I know... people say they hate this kind of music.  Meanwhile, I close my eyes and soar with God.

I'm not a one-genre music lover, though. I also love rock, pop, jazz (smooth and classic), blues... and a fusion of all of the above.  Not to mention world music, reggae, and zydeco. I love it!  But, my most common music of choice involves a dance beat, soaring strings, a driving bass line, and a rock guitar!

I also adore intelligent lyrics. On the other hand, cheesy-catchy lyrics make me smile as well.  When the music is resonating with my soul, the lyrics bring me closer to God.

Music to check out: the Echoing Green, Pristina, La Roux, Owl City, U2 (of course), Depeche Mode, Matisyahu, Moby, Voodoo Child, Sheltershed, Skillet, David Crowder Band

What kind of music moves you closer to God?


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