How do you say Dee-lite?

Kicking off a "Week of Delight!"  I'll be blogging this week about 7 things I take delight in, or 7 ways I delight in God.

Numero Uno on the list is my Family.

SeaShell, C-man, J-dawg, and (almost with us) N-crowd light up my life like nothing else! 

When my wife looks into my eyes, I feel closer to God.  When she takes my hand in hers, there is an electricity that overflows my heart with joy!  I delight in her gaze and in her touch - and I respond by thanking God for sending me an angel.  God uses my wife to encourage and inspire me daily, a fact of my life that I refuse to take for granted.

Our boys are amazing!  I feel so blessed to have such a wonderfully fun family.  C-man, my 14-year old, is so smart its scary and so witty for his own good.  He makes me smile - always has.  The fact that he has yet to grow out of "Hey Daddy, watch this," delights me to no end.  J-dawg, my 1-year old, is so full of energy its ridiculous! I wonder where he gets that from?  ;}  Watching him learn to walk, playing ball with him, or just listening to him say "Da da" adds so much to my delight every day.  All of this, and in about a month, we will be joined by our 3rd boy, N-crowd!  This... is... AWESOME!

My family brings great joy into my life, and when I look into their faces, I delight in the God who is the center of who we are!


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