How can I bring You doubt when You bring me the sky?

"How can I bring You doubt when You bring me the sky?" What a great line from the Echoing Green song "Supernova!"

It's Day three of my Week of Delight, and checking in at number 3 on the list is - you guessed it - THE SKY!

A clear blue sky causes me to delight in the vastness of God.  This must be what the ancients celebrated when they spoke of the God of the heavens.  He is so vast, so huge, that only the expanse of the sky could possibly be His home.

On the other hand, clouds cause me to delight in the ever-morphing creativity of God.  It is when I take time to enjoy the clouds that I am reminded that God is not only holy and love, but ridiculously creative! And storm clouds fill me with awe at His power.  I love storms!

Then there is the sky at night.  Always beautiful, at times absolutely stunning.  At 1 AM, when you catch me gazing at the moon and stars, rest assured... it's a God thing! (moon pic taken by my friend, Paul Tanner, with his telescope and D90)


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