Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

7 Days of Delight - Day 7.

Sweat brings me closer to God. 

Didn't see that coming did ya? As it turns out, one thing that really gets my heart pumping is... getting my heart pumping!  Exercise. Walking, working out at the gym, aerobic dance... Zumba!  When my blood gets pumping I feel awake and alive.  Maybe it's the endorphins.  Maybe it's the increased oxygen intake.  Maybe it's the overall "feeling better."  Whatever it is, it brings me closer to God. 

So, log off your computer and hit the gym! ...or take a brisk walk! ...or put on some C & C Music Factory circa early 1990's and start MOVIN'!


Rob said…
One of my wives wants me to ask you: what is Zumba?
Rob said…
I looked it up on the computer. It seems to be a game where a small idol shoots out colored balls that you try to line up. I spent many days playing it. The idol in the middle gave me problems at first, but I was able to visualize it as an angel and I was ok with playing it. It sure is a time consumer.

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