What if?

What if...

What if I can no longer buy into the consumer mentality that we have accepted and call "discipleship" in the church?

What if it really is about going & making followers of Jesus, by loving people enough to reach those far from God so that we're willing to do whatever it takes to introduce them to the love of Jesus?

What if I allow Jesus to reproduce Himself in my life?

What if  I reproduce myself in others?

What if I gather a few leaders around me, and reproduce myself as a leader in them? ...and they reproduce themselves in others who reproduce themselves in others?

What if I invest myself in first one apprentice who is being led by God to do this pastoring thing?  Then what if I take on another apprentice? ...and then another?  And what if each one of these apprentice pastors invest themselves in others with the same calling, reproducing teachers of Scripture, and pastors, who invest in & reproduce other teachers of Scripture and pastors?

What if our Community Group (small group) leaders intentionally trained an apprentice leader with the intent of sending them out to lead a group... while training an apprentice leader with the intent of sending them out to lead a group?

What if Community Groups (small groups) intentionally reproduced Community Groups, which reproduce Community Groups which reproduce Community Groups?

What if I stopped being selfish with my time?

What if I said my dreams out loud?

What if our church intentionally reproduced other congregations, like satellite locations or new church plants... which reproduced other congregations which reproduced other congregations?

What if I challenge the status quo? ...and what if those in the status quo don't like being challenged?

What if my children don't develop a love and passion for God, His church, and His Kingdom?

What if my neighbor doesn't know that there is hope?

What if hell is real?  And what if people I know and love go there?

What if you're seeking a kingdom of comfort instead of the Kingdom of Peace?

What if it really is all about Jesus and His mission... and not about me?

What if Jesus really meant what He said?


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