God-sized Dreams

I haven't made time to write on the blog lately, but I have been reading blogs, and about blogs.  Apparently, for one to have a "successful" blog they must #1 BLOG REGULARLY, and #2 KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.  A quick assessment of recent comments (lack thereof) has me wondering if I even have an audience.  Therefore, if/when you read this, please leave some kind of feedback... even if it's "yo."  Thanks!
I'm reading a book called Exponential by Dave & Jon Ferguson.  The tagline is "How you and your friends can start a missional church movement."  Check it out!

I've been a part of a missional church movement for quite some time.  The problem I see is that what I am a part of is a mind-set movement, and not an actual "let's get together, talk about this, and get this thing rolling" movement.  I've been trying to change this, and am seeking avenues to take this conversation to the next level of actually MOVING!  That's what a movement is supposed to do right?  Move?

Today, I read up to this line, which stopped me dead in my tracks: "If you don't have a dream that leads you to greater dependence on God, then you need a bigger dream."  I haven't been able to read any further.  I've got some of what I would call "God-sized Dreams."  I see lost people coming to God.  I see a fellowship of healthy, growing apprentices of Jesus.  I see two Gatherings each weekend... then three.  I see satellite churches or church plants in a couple of specific locations.  I see leaders being raised up, trained, and sent out.  I see a network of pastors and leaders fully engaged in, sold out to, and overwhelmed by the mission of Jesus.

And there's more.  Too much to write out loud.  What is already here is scary enough.

From where I'm standing, an initial step is bringing together like-minded, committed to the mission of Jesus (not to a tradition, denomination, nor heritage) people together.  Any takers?


John Gibbs said…
Yo, Steve. Keep going with the dreams and putting the dreams into action. Exponential is a fantastic book; keep at it!
Ris said…

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