Dream Catchers

Yesterday I asked over 100 of my closest friends (aka "members" of Oaklawn Church of God) to join me in identifying a "big dream" of theirs and then placing it in the hands of Jesus.  Something I have learned on my journey is this: what I place in the hands of Jesus, He will RETURN in His time or He will REPLACE it with something far greater & better than I ever imagined!  This is a pretty big step of faith - writing out a dream (kinda scary to say these out loud sometimes) and then symbolically placing that dream in the hands of Jesus by walking to a "station" with a basket designated to "catch" those dreams.

As our amazing band led us in the song "Lead Me to the Cross," I actually got choked up as people began to drop their dreams in the hands of Jesus - husbands & wives, single people, college students, teenagers, the elderly... it was beautiful!  This morning, I took these anonymously written notes and began to pray over them, "Not our will, but Yours be done, God."  I've prayed over dreams of health and wealth, dreams of having babies and buying homes, dreams of writing books and dreams of playing & singing in a band in front of millions.  But there are some that really resonate with me:

"Dream of my entire family being saved."
"To lead my children closer to God and heaven."
"My dream is to see my children saved."
"To lead all of my children to Christ so they will find PEACE!"
"All my family to go to heaven."
"To make a difference in the world.  To be part of something big & world changing, for Your glory and Your Kingdom."


Do you have a dream that you need to place in the hands of Jesus?


Queenzilla said…
That there will be a cure for Type 1 diabetes in my diabetic child's lifetime.

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