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Today Shelly & I are celebrating 21 years of marriage.  On June 30, 1990, she rocked my world and we have been rockin' ever since!  And we intend to keep rockin' for a long time to come!  We didn't start out following Jesus, and daily asking Him to center us and our home, but since we've begun doing this (about 17 years) we have grown closer and closer, day by day!  Here we are 2.75 kids later, on the adventure of a lifetime on the mission of Jesus with great anticipation of what we can do today, and for what tomorrow holds!  It's like we're just now beginning to understand God's plan and place for us in His kingdom, and we're learning to trust Him more and more with more and more!  But for this moment, on this day, I am overwhelmed with joy that she said "yes" 21 years ago!  Shelly, I love you!  Let's rock this world the way Jesus is rockin' ours! Then... And now...

What if?

What if... What if I can no longer buy into the consumer mentality that we have accepted and call "discipleship" in the church? What if it really is about going & making followers of Jesus, by loving people enough to reach those far from God so that we're willing to do whatever it takes to introduce them to the love of Jesus? What if I allow Jesus to reproduce Himself in my life? What if  I reproduce myself in others? What if I gather a few leaders around me, and reproduce myself as a leader in them? ...and they reproduce themselves in others who reproduce themselves in others? What if I invest myself in first one apprentice who is being led by God to do this pastoring thing?  Then what if I take on another apprentice? ...and then another?  And what if each one of these apprentice pastors invest themselves in others with the same calling, reproducing teachers of Scripture, and pastors, who invest in & reproduce other teachers of Scripture and pastors?

The 5 Steps of Leadership Development

From the book Exponential by Dave & Jon Ferguson (check out page 64, Dave told me to do this): The Five Steps of Leadership Development. 1.  I do.  You watch.  We talk. 2.  I do.  You help.  We talk. 3.  You do.  I help.  We talk. 4.  You do.  I watch.  We talk. 5.  You do.  Someone else watches. (The apprentice begins to develop  a new apprentice) " Ideally, the leader who has developed and released several apprentices will continue to work with those leaders in a coaching capacity ." Lately, I've been thinking about how we have somehow turned this idea of being a "disciple" into meaning being a "consumer."  Isn't it true that in most churches where discipleship is a priority (or at least a buzz word), that what is meant by this term is: "come sit in a class, or a small group, or even 1-on-1, and someone will teach you the importance of prayer, Bible study, Holy Communion, baptism, etc.?"  Could Ferguson be correct, and

Dream Catchers

Yesterday I asked over 100 of my closest friends (aka "members" of Oaklawn Church of God ) to join me in identifying a "big dream" of theirs and then placing it in the hands of Jesus.  Something I have learned on my journey is this: what I place in the hands of Jesus, He will RETURN in His time or He will REPLACE it with something far greater & better than I ever imagined!  This is a pretty big step of faith - writing out a dream (kinda scary to say these out loud sometimes) and then symbolically placing that dream in the hands of Jesus by walking to a "station" with a basket designated to "catch" those dreams. As our amazing band led us in the song "Lead Me to the Cross," I actually got choked up as people began to drop their dreams in the hands of Jesus - husbands & wives, single people, college students, teenagers, the elderly... it was beautiful!  This morning, I took these anonymously written notes and began to pray over

God-sized Dreams

I haven't made time to write on the blog lately, but I have been reading blogs, and about blogs.  Apparently, for one to have a "successful" blog they must #1 BLOG REGULARLY, and #2 KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.  A quick assessment of recent comments (lack thereof) has me wondering if I even have an audience.  Therefore, if/when you read this, please leave some kind of feedback... even if it's "yo."  Thanks! I'm reading a book called Exponential by Dave & Jon Ferguson.  The tagline is "How you and your friends can start a missional church movement."  Check it out! I've been a part of a missional church movement for quite some time.  The problem I see is that what I am a part of is a mind-set movement, and not an actual "let's get together, talk about this, and get this thing rolling" movement.  I've been trying to change this, and am seeking avenues to take this conversation to the next level of actually MOVING!  That's

Question Everything?

I believe we’re all on a quest for Truth, and in matters of faith, we’re especially interested in something that works.   The only way we really ever own faith for ourselves is to wrestle with the questions that arise on our quest.   And questions do arise, don’t they?   So we either ask them among our peers and prepare for challenging conversation; or we keep them to ourselves, thinking “I’ll just figure it out someday” …and we end up never working through it.   Faith grows out of conversation and shared experiences.   A faith system that is so dogmatic that questions aren’t allowed is called a cult.  Don't be afraid to question. In the Bible there is a brief story that takes place just after the Resurrection of Jesus.   Two of His followers are walking and talking about all the events that had happened: the trial, the crucifixion, the burial.   Look at what happens:  In the middle of their talk and questions, Jesus came up and walked along with them . –Luke 24:15 (the Messag