Getting Fit Forever

About the time we found out we were going to have our second child (only 13 years after the first), I came to the realization that if I was going to be a good Dad, and be here for my kids and grandkids, that I had to begin living a healthier lifestyle.  I am 42 after all. And now that the birth of boy #3 is rapidly approaching (due date August 1), my awareness of this has heightened even more.

For 4 months I have been eating much healthier and really hitting the gym regularly and hard... not a fanatic or anything, but definitely much more aware of what I eat and dedicated to staying active.  Confession time: I've only lost 4 pounds.  4 pounds in 4 months, and last week I was getting a little discouraged.  So I talked to one of the trainers at the gym and then to a good friend, who both reiterated a fact that I picked up in my training years ago - muscle weighs more than fat, and while I have a ways to go, they can see that I have most definitely lost fat and gained muscle tone & mass.

This makes me happy. :) (Plus, my clothes are fitting better, and I feel GREAT!)

A friend of mine, who has at times been a real mentor to me, Tom Hopkins, has written a book called Fit Forever.  The concepts in his book have challenged me, and helped me to do a bit of fine tuning in my commitment to this new lifestyle of eating healthier and staying active.  I would like to highly recommend Tom's blog FIT FOREVER as well as the book, which you can purchase on Amazon by clicking here.

Also, plan to join us at Oaklawn church of God Sunday, August 7 - Tom Hopkins will be speaking during the Gathering, and conducting an afternoon "Fit Forever" seminar!

What are you doing to get/stay fit forever?


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