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Getting Fit Forever

About the time we found out we were going to have our second child (only 13 years after the first), I came to the realization that if I was going to be a good Dad, and be here for my kids and grandkids, that I had to begin living a healthier lifestyle.  I am 42 after all. And now that the birth of boy #3 is rapidly approaching (due date August 1), my awareness of this has heightened even more. For 4 months I have been eating much healthier and really hitting the gym regularly and hard... not a fanatic or anything, but definitely much more aware of what I eat and dedicated to staying active.  Confession time: I've only lost 4 pounds.  4 pounds in 4 months, and last week I was getting a little discouraged.  So I talked to one of the trainers at the gym and then to a good friend, who both reiterated a fact that I picked up in my training years ago - muscle weighs more than fat, and while I have a ways to go, they can see that I have most definitely lost fat and gained muscle tone &a

The God Who Provides

Storms passing through the Spa City one more time today.  It was pretty wild at the Gathering - trying to preach with the wind and rain pounding the building.  At one point I even asked, "Uh... is anyone else kinda nervous right now?" I was thinking again about how God shows up, and things that may seem random start to make sense. Last week the storms devastated much of the area. Tuesday evening some of our volunteers were scheduled to take a meal of BBQ & beans to the Charitable Christian Medical Clinic to feed approximately 50 people.  With the power being out the Clinic had to remain closed, so our team had all of this BBQ and beans on hand. When they asked me if I knew of anything coming up we could use it for, I immediately thought of those out at Teen Challenge, which had been completely demolished by the tornadoes.  I called one of my friends at LakePointe Church , another congregation of Jesus-followers in town, because they have taken on helping to restore