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It happened, and It happens! (Focus40 reflection)

You would think that I’m used to it by now, but God’s perfect timing never ceases to amaze me.  We have just wrapped up our journey we called Focus40 , where we spent the 40 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday in study and application of the principles of prayer, meditation, and fasting found in Psalm 40.  The theme of “praying through a time of crisis” has been a constant thread in our conversation over these 40 days, with the realization that crisis comes… and then comes again. It’s a part of life, so how do we get through it? Prayer.  Meditation.  Fasting.  Recognizing God-with-us through our adversity, our crisis… our whatever. Focus40 ended on April 24, Resurrection Sunday.  The storms swept through our city, community, state, and the entire southern U.S. on Monday, April 25.  Monday night, as a very visible tornado passed over our home, I found myself in the floor of a closet, with my family, praying: Please, LORD, rescue me! Come quickl

Love Wins?

What do you do when one of your favorite authors, someone who has had a great and positive impact on your life, writes a new book… and that book sparks all kinds of controversy?  What do you do when someone you admire, someone who inspires you greatly gets labeled as a “heretic?”  Here’s what I do – I buy the controversial book and decide for myself.  Pastor and author, Rob Bell, recently released Love Wins , which critics have blasted as “universalism theology” saying that Bell writes basically that “there is no Hell.”  Before I can comment, or judge for myself, I have to read the book. I guess the thing that really makes my ill to my stomach is that I can't find this book in Hot Springs.  Two Christian bookstore, and both no longer stock any "Rob Bell merchandise" on the shelves, although you can special order it.  And one "mega chain" bookstore, which computer shows 8 copies in inventory, but somehow all 8 copies have been