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Spiritual Gifts - the Bad

I hesitate to use the term "bad" in referring to the "bottom 5" on my most recent Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  These aren't bad gifts, because the Holy Spirit does not give "bad" gifts, and it's not that I'm a bad person because these are at the bottom of list.  Being at the bottom of the list simply reveals that these are particular spiritual gifts that I do not posses. However, while these are not areas in which I am gifted by God's spirit to bring Him glory and edify the church, these areas are still, most definitely, my responsibility.  This just helps to define strengths and weaknesses, which we all have.  So below would be a list of spiritual gifts that I do not have, or a partial list of areas in which I am personally weakest.

So, this list begins with a tie, making my list of five actually six.  When I talk about my weaknesses, I go all out!  Hahaa!  Discernment is the ability to intuitively know truth fr…

Spiritual Gifts - the Good

A part of my preparation for next month's State Ministers' Meeting of the Church of God in Arkansas, is to complete several "self assessments" and bring the results to the meeting with me.  I do this kind of things a couple of times each year, but this time I want to kind of work through a few related thoughts - using the blog as a "dump tank" to just kinda unload and unpack some random things.

Spiritual Gifts.  I think I've taken some form of Spiritual Gifts Assessment at least once a year since 1995 (the year I began my studies at Mid America Christian University). And each time it seems to be slightly different.  Here are the Five(5) areas where I scored the highest this time:

Faith has consistently been at the top of my Spiritual Gift Assessments for the past 6 years.  The truth is, I don't really need an assessment tool to recognize this.  It drives some people crazy, but I really do believe that God has a grip on this life.  I tend to …

Why we sing how we sing what we sing

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to brag on Oaklawn church of God… specifically the older generation at Oaklawn.  Someone asked a group of us pastor dudes, “What is worship (meaning music) like at your church?  And why do you do it the way you do it?”  
I replied that a little over 3 years ago, as we entered into conversation with Oaklawn about the possibility of coming to be the Lead Pastor, we had some very straight-forward discussions.  The church said that the 5-year goals were to build a strong children ministry, to have a vibrant youth ministry, and to reach those young adults (age 18-35) who were missing from the church.  I then told this group of pastors that I informed the church that this would not be easy, and at times not even fun; that we would experiment with methods while never changing the Message, but some of the things we would do, everyone would not like.  I talked about change being difficult but necessary, and that within a couple of years Oaklawn would loo…