Welcome to the Year of the Jesus Freaks

Hi, I'm Steve.  And I'm a Christian.

Resolutions are a really good way to begin a New Year,  For a number of years I took the opposite point of view, joining with the ever-growing-in-popularity philosophy of "there is no point in making resolutions, when we all are gonna break them anyway."  What a cop-out!

So, call this my New Year's resolution:  I'm proclaiming 2011 to be the Year of the Jesus Freaks!

The thought that is weaving itself into every area of my own life of late: “God deserves the best.  No mediocrity!”  What if, in the process of merging our faith with culture, we brought commitment back?  I’ve decided to take inventory of my life, put everything under the magnifying glass, and make this commitment: “God deserves my best.  No mediocrity!”

Proverbs 29:18(KJV) says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”
So, I guess my New Year's resolution is actually more of a New Year's vision.  How do I envision 2011?  What will be the legacy I leave with those I interact with this year?  What will be the first thing people know about me when they meet me?

Hi, I'm Steve.  And I'm a Christian.

And now, I'm giving fair warning.  I am on the lookout for those who would join me in proclaiming 2011 as the Year of the Jesus Freaks!  I'm looking for those who will say it with words and actions.  I'm not looking for coasting-christians, who just say a few good words and donate a few bucks when the time comes - those are EASY to find.... I actually know where a bunch of those are already.  No no, I'm looking for what has essentially been missing from the core of the American church - a PASSION for the Messiah, a DEVOTION to God, and those who are ARDENT-ENTHUSIASTS for Grace and Peace!  I am not proposing any kind of "anti-" campaign, or calling people to take a stand against... I'm saying, live FOR God OUT-LOUD, and show love FOR people, even those you don't agree with or even like.  It's time we FOCUS on God and what His Way is truly all about!

Welcome to 2011.  Welcome to the Year of the Jesus Freaks!

Be it so resolved.


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