Bread Dough and Deep Roots: Romans 11:16

Day 24/30

"If the first part of the dough is holy, the lump is also; if the root is holy, the branches are too." -Romans 11:16 (NASB)

I've read about the bread making process in the ancient world.  Every time bread was made, it was baked from a lump of bread dough.  The one making the bread would always hold out a small dough ball, called a "yeast ball," which would be worked into the dough the next time bread was made. Over and over, on and on, a yeast ball was held out of every loaf of bread in order to spread yeast through the next batch.  The yeast would work itself through the dough, eventually influencing the whole "lump."

In a similar way, the roots of the tree influence the rest of the tree.  The nourishment the tree needs comes through the roots, and the roots spread the life-giving nourishment to the rest of the tree... even the highest branches of the tree. 

A holy life happens when we let the "first part of the dough" - the presence of the Holy Spirit - begin to be worked in our lives.  Once in us, the Spirit works Himself into every area of life - fully influencing all we do.  And,no matter how high you are off the ground, you need life that comes through the roots.  The only way the branch can live is to be connected and receiving life from the root.


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