God is the Rescue: Jeremiah 20:13

Day 2/30

"Sing to the LORD!
Give praise to the LORD!
He rescues the life of the needy
from the hand of the wicked." -Jeremiah 20:13(NIV)

This is a classic "do this because of that" experience.  As I'm meditating on these words today, I'm thinking of the context in which they were written.  This is a part of a prayer of Jeremiah the prophet, which is included in his writings as poetry. 

The "needy" here is not some generic "those people," but Jeremiah himself.  Maybe we can all relate to this because on some level all of us are needy (not that too many of us like to admit it).  But it's true - we need food, we need shelter, we need love, and yes, we need guidance.  For Jeremiah, one of his needs was, in the midst of a time when most of his nation were turning away from God, to have at least the priests responsible for the spiritual direction of the people to be the "holy men" they were set apart by God to be.  What happened instead was, the priest in charge of the Temple was the very one who brought more oppression on Jeremiah.  In the verse above, "the wicked" is again, not some generic "those people," but the one who was put in place as the spiritual director.

The very one who was supposed to be guiding, loving, and helping Jeremiah in his time of struggle, was the one who used his power and authority in an attempt to manipulate people, especially Jeremiah, for his own personal, selfish benefit and pleasure.  And Jeremiah praises God!  Why?  Because God rescues.  Even when those who at one point are placed in our lives by God, to guide us on the right Path, somehow lose their own way... and seem determined to take us down with them - God rescues!

I speak with people all the time who have been "hurt by the church" or been "deceived by a pastor."  Too many.  It's a heinous act to have someone come to you with a need for personal spiritual or emotional direction, and to use their vulnerability for your own personal gratification.  If you're tracking with me and you're the "needy in the hand of the wicked," please know that there is a Rescue by the hand of God Alone.  You can praise God again and you will! Put your faith and your pain in the hands of God, not people!

If you happen to be on the other side, please listen to the Spirit of God and stop it now.  Stop guiding your life by self-gratification, and surrender to the God who called you.  The priest in the story of Jeremiah, who took advantage of those he was supposed to guide and protect, lost his job... lost his family... lost his place in the kingdom... and lost his life.  This priest, whose name was Pashhur, had his name literally changed to "The Man Who Lives in Terror."  Stop living in terror by getting yourself right with God.


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