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Passion for Jesus or camp high?

This week I had the amazing opportunity to speak four nights to the Next Generation at a Youth Camp in North Carolina.  By the way, check out Camp Walter Johnson - definitely a top-notch campground facility! 

Someone asked me how much different is how I speak to students from how I speak to a multi-generational congregation.  You know, I really don't do it any differently.  My goal every time I speak is to surrender completely to the Holy Spirit so that God can communicate what He desires to.  God speaks through the personality and style of the speaker - in my case, it's usually humorous (at least to me), has a good deal of depth (again, at least to me), and is pretty simple to understand (at... least... to... me).  Every time I am presented with the opportunity to stand before any size group and speak forth the Word of God, I take it as a high honor and huge responsibility.  I prepare well in advance (I've been told I border on over-preparation) and I remain flexible to c…