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Vision becoming reality

I received a letter this week from a first-time friend who was at the Gathering last weekend.  His words encourage and excite me about what God is doing in our lives, and what He is doing through us!  What follows is a portion of his note to me, in hopes that you guys will join me in directing all of our praise to the Creator.
"Dear sir,
Briefly some positive input and comments about the bible study, the sermon, and the church in general.  We came to visit because our grandson has chosen to attend along with his friend... His attitude has improved... So thought it prudent to encourage him along those lines.
The majority of the congregation seemed to be younger than my wife and I, and that's ok. The old folks are usually boring and not open to new ideas and concepts.  Friendly.  Hospitable.  In my heart and mind I am still in my 20s, though I am 64 years old.  
As a young person at heart I am in harmony with the young people who like to see the scientific side of Yahweh's exis…