Twitter this Sunday!

So, recently I came across this on one of the blogs I read: Thou Shalt Twitter in Church.  The author makes a good point that Twitter is a phenomenon that we should capitalize on and take to a whole new level of getting the Word out there.  For those who are completely in the dark about what I'm talking about, let me give an explanation:

Step 1: Go to and sign up.  It's pretty simple and painless.  Set up your Twitter account so that you can update your Twitter status by sending a text message from your cell phone.

Step 2: Get used to using Twitter.  Begin following people you know by finding them in the database.  Follow me on Twitter at: Shinypastor

Step 3: Anyone who follows you on Twitter will receive your status updates when you "tweet" them, so send a few messages, aka "tweets", just to get used to the flow.

Step 4: Bring your cellphone to the Worship Gathering at Oaklawn church of God!  Yes, you did just read that right.  Bring them and use them!  Here's how.  Your Twitter update could be something like, "The band is rockin' today!" or "The stage is CRAZY today!" ...or you might tweet something you hear in the sermon, or a Scripture that we discuss.

Step 5:  Use the hashtag.  A "hashtag" is a way of connecting and collecting a bunch of "tweets" from various people by "tagging" them with the "hash" (#).  Example: if the "hashtag" for the Gathering is "shinypastor", you would add "#shinypastor" somewhere in your "tweet."  There is a recommended hashtag on the weekly sermon outline/notes. 

And please... turn off your ringer.  And be respectful enough during this experiment to NOT play games or text others. Thanks!

So, who's in?  (If you're in, send a message on Twitter with the hashtag "#twitterinchurch")


juanmotoa said…
"Like a swallow, like a crane, so I twitter..." Isaiah 38:14 (NASB)

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