Thank You Notes to God

I was overwhelmed once again this weekend at the response of those at the Gathering.  During the sermon, I had people write a short "Thank You" note to God, and then at the end we did a new-school style Thank Offering.  Everyone brought their notes to the newly created (and beautiful) cross of broken pieces.  What follows is a unified THANKS to God from our little community of faith. I have omitted any personal names, and have combined overlapping responses, i.e. as 20 people thanked God for their family I will list "family (x20)."  Feel free to add what you are thankful for in the comments.

Hey God.  Thank You for...
* unconditional love (x13)
* opportunity to serve (x2)
* family (x20)
*my sister
* friends (x11)
* all Your blessing
* being always on time
* providing ALL my needs (x3)
* another school year & the students who bless me (x2)
* my daughters (x2)
* my church (x3)
* salvation (x2)
* taking care of me
* Mother
* my wife (x7)
* my son
* healing (x3)
* my job (x6)
* HOPE (x2)
* Your grace
* answered prayers (x4)
* Your comfort
* life (x2)
* for bringing me here!
* caring
* keeping my family covered by Your blood
* protecting me
* everything! (x2)
* my husband (x3)
* my medicine
* our kids (x3)
* PEACE (x2)
* good health (x6)
* watching over me every day of my life (x2)
* eternal life
* forgiveness (x2)
* being patient with me (x2)
* grandchildren (x3)
* answered prayer in marriage
* for those who remember me in prayer during my sickness
* for helping me change!
* YOU!
* Your faithfulness to me
* being there when no one else was
* salvaging my marriage!
* opportunities to help kids
* the Razorbacks
* baseball
* freedom to hunt & fish
* listening
* my home (x2)
* being with me (x2)
*for just being YOU!
* helping me through my grief
* wonderful parents
* Your strength (physically)
* being our Savior!
* this sermon today.  I needed it.


Sharina said…
Wow! That is an awesome thank you note! It made me think about all the different things I have been thankful for during the different phases and stages of life I have lived through so far. I was remembering the time I was a newborn Christian as an 18 year old fresh out of high school and thanked Him for the person who invited me to church that day so I had the opportunity to hear about and receive salvation through Jesus Christ. Then, my thoughts drifted to the time I was a young adult trying to make my own way in the world and I thanked Him for electricity because I had experienced (for the first time) living in my apartment without any. That led me to the time I thanked Him for all the times I was able to walk into a bank and cash a paycheck because He provided a job for me. Finally, I remembered the moments that each of my 6 babies took their first breath as I sat in awe of His miracles more thankful than ever before! I thought to myself, I had no clue back then, that each day, each phase, was going to bring something more to be thankful for and that there was such a broad spectrum of blessings ranging from a spark of light to a breath of air to eternal life through Christ Jesus! I realized that there was this pattern of unending amazingness that God supplied if we would only take the time to be still and notice! Then I thought of all the blessing that were yet to come and began to give thanks to Him for the will to stand in faith knowing that His love and blessings will always be there!
Nance1 said…
Watching over our family.

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