Lost & Found pt.6

Some quotes from chapter 7 of Ed Stetzer's book, "Lost and Found: the Younger Unchurched and the Churches that Reach Them":

"Connection is the fourth area of importance.  This could be called mentoring or intergenerational ministry."

"Both churched and unchurched young adults desire to determine their own beliefs through a maximum of hands-on, practical learning experiences."

"Yes, young adults will be happy to mentor a student or tutor a child.  But they would also love it if somebody older and wiser would mentor them."

"This is mentoring at its best - walking with Christ and introducing others to Him along the way."

"While mentoring does require time and vulnerability, the biggest key is intentionality."

"Churches that attempt to separate generations drive cracks into the foundation of the body of Christ."

This is an essential part of the conversation for myself and the congregation that I pastor.  There is no doubt that we are multi-generational, and because of the increasing gaps between the cultures of generations, we are also very multi-cultural.  The struggle is in becoming more than multi-generational and multi-cultural... what needs to happen, and must continue to happen is that we become cross-generational and cross-cultural! 

Emerging generations need the stories of older generations!  Within those stories lies hope, wisdom, and knowledge.  And older generations need the stories of emerging generations!  Within those stories lies energy, passion, and life.  Connecting is a key for young adults, our question is, "How?"


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