Lost & Found pt.5

Here is the fifth installment on my series of blog entries reviewing the book "Lost and Found: the Younger Unchurched and the Churches That Reach Them" by Ed Stetzer.

Quotes from chapter 6:

"Responsibility is strongly valued because young adults know their choices make a difference."

"Young adults believe in global responsibility; they know their choices make a difference.  And they are living lives in a manner that reflects this belief."

"Churches can connect by offering an outlet for young adults' passion to serve... We need to demonstrate our faith more by what we do, not just what we say."

"Let us be people who marry the message of the gospel with lives that engage this world and its issues."

"The trend seems to be that if a church presents young adults  with involvement worth giving themselves to, then they will fully invest their lives."

"Young adults focus on these kinds of issues when considering church membership, not the size of the building, but rather how global and informed the church community is."

"Young adults are being drawn to Christ and His people through social action."

"Churches that have abandoned the idea of social responsibility for the world around them are churches that have little hope of reaching and keeping younger adults."

Assuming that these findings are true, the question I'm staring in the face is,"How long does it take for social responsibility to be truly a part of a church's culture before young adults buy into it?"  With teens, I'm seeing an immediate response to jump in and serve in awesome ways in the community, as well as globally.  But I see hesitation on the "young adults" that I know.  Over the past 2.5 years, we have begun to create a culture of being "outward focused" and have some tremendous hands of ministry reaching out to serve our community... and elsewhere in the world.  But, I've yet to see the implications of this chapter of "Lost and Found" played out within the context of social action opportunities that are being provided. 

When a congregation has never truly been focused on the mission of Jesus outside of the walls of the church, how long does it have to be a part of the congregational DNA before young adults jump aboard?


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