Lost & Found pt.4

Some quotes from chapter 5:

"Depth is important.  Young adults want to be people of significance... they'd rather be 'in over their heads' in life as opposed to kicking around in the shallow end."

"...emerging generations are increasingly interested in a faith that embraces the mystical and spiritual.  They are hungry for the unanswerable and want to connect with something that they cannot explain."

"Young adults seek depth, not pat answers."

"Depth is about... engaging people at every level - emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and even physically."

"Depth requires that teachers demonstrate some genuine vulnerability, which requires some genuine 'wrestling with' God's content connected to real life."

"A significant chasm exists between behaviorism and transformation.  Transformation goes beyond external resolutions.  It requires internal struggle.  It requires mining truth down to its deepest core and allowing it to resonate within you."

While I have found that depth is most definitely important in teaching the Jesus-lifestyle of Scripture, I have found it is equally important that content be understandable.  Deep yet simple.  We must continue to find ways to teach and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom that acknowledge that Scripture is truly supernatural, while presenting the depth of spiritual matters in simple and understandable ways.  I guess the question is, "How are doing this?" and How can we do it better?"


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