Lost & Found pt.1

I recently finished reading "Lost and Found: the Younger Unchurched and the Churches That Reach Them" by Ed Stetzer... I'm going to use the next few blog entries to post some quotes from the book, and add a little commentary of my own.

Intro-ch. 2
"A movement may be emerging, contemporary, reformed, or whatever, but if it fails to produce new followers of Jesus Christ, it is only a fascinating and engaging dead end."

"...the younger unchurched are not staying away from church because they have a problem with Jesus.  About three out of four agree that believing in Jesus makes a positive difference in a person's life."

"In overwhelming percentages, the younger unchurched expressed an openness in regard to hearing their friends talk about Christ... They may not be open to an invitation to church, but they certainly are open to an invitation to conversation."

"The younger unchurched are clearly making a distinction between spirituality and religion.  For them, being spiritual or having curiosity about God is more important than attending church."

"Eventually, an evangelistic witness to an unchurched person must deal with issues of eternity, but that may not be the best place to start... only 45 percent wonder about their eternal destination more than once a year."

"Remarkably, only one in six would go to church if seeking spiritual guidance."

I have to admit it; I'm bored with the fascinating and engaging dead end.  It's time followers of Christ make a huge shift.  We have to stop "playing church" and become students of the Word, and surrender-ers to the Holy Spirit, and engage-ers of culture.  The way of Jesus is about living abundant life Now... Here, a life that we never stop living... He didn't die on the cross and go through all He went through so that we could become comfortable.  Jesus came to give us LIFE!  It's time I live the LIFE and live it with others.  What good is it if I preach a great sermon, but no one engages culture, no one makes a friend, no one enters into a Jesus conversation... and no one experiences the life-transforming love of Jesus?


Unknown said…
hmmm.... what good is it, indeed? er... I would venture to say that it isn't any good at all- unless you happen to think that "feeling good" about yourself and appeasing others does any good- in which case you probably don't like anything you just read. Just sayin'.

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