It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday, but Sunday's still happening!

Grace and peace to you, my wonderful family!

I just wanted to take a minute and share with you how awesome... that is, awe-FULL... our God is!  On Sunday, after our celebration of the Resurrection, I received several calls and messages saying what an overwhelming experience Sunday was.  I share with you all comments such as "that was the most moving Easter service I have ever been in" and "I don't know what else to say but WOW!"  As people were leaving Sunday, one first-time visitor (who had been invited at the Egg Hunt on Saturday) said to me, "I never knew church could be like this... this is special, this is amazing!"  Since Sunday, two other members of the Oaklawn family have shared with me that someone they invited (including one grandson) said the same thing!  Actually, the calls and messages continued on Monday... then Tuesday... and even today!

The power and love of Jesus is most definitely at work in our lives, and the evidence is in the people who are experiencing the joy and hope that Jesus brings to all who turn to Him!  I not only want to share these things with you, my family, but I also want to thank you!  Thank you for being an example of what the church is supposed to be in a culture that has relegated us to the status of irrelevant and boring and useless.  Thank you for saying "Yes" to God even when it is not the easiest thing to do!  What we're doing is hard to do - that's because the language of emerging generations is technology and music and entertainment.  This isn't the language of previous generations, so it is difficult for us to reach them with the Message of the Love of Christ - and yet, here we are doing it!  Hard?  Yes.  Painful?  You bet!  Worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!

Thank you for being willing to go where our Lord is leading!  And thank you for calling me to be your pastor!  I love it!


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