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Lost & Found pt.2

Quotes from ch.3: ". is interesting to compare the younger unchurched with unchurched Americans age thirty and over... Younger folks are generally less "fed-up" with religion than older unchurched people ." " As the unchurched age and have more life experiences, their interest in organized religion diminishes ." " With all the talk of the loss of the younger generation, it seems to us that they are much more open than the older unchurched ." " Neither group has a strong belief in the One, True, Living God of the Bible, nor a strong belief that He is unique compared to other gods ." A few stats: " The church is the only place to learn what it means to be a Christian. " 9% of unchurched age 20-29 agree; 6% of unchurched 30+ agree " If someone wanted to tell me what she of he believed about Christianity, I would be willing to listen ." 89% of unchurched age 20-29 agree; 75% unchurched age 30+ agree

Lost & Found pt.1

I recently finished reading "Lost and Found: the Younger Unchurched and the Churches That Reach Them" by Ed Stetzer... I'm going to use the next few blog entries to post some quotes from the book, and add a little commentary of my own. Intro-ch. 2 " A movement may be emerging, contemporary, reformed, or whatever, but if it fails to produce new followers of Jesus Christ, it is only a fascinating and engaging dead end." "...the younger unchurched are not staying away from church because they have a problem with Jesus.  About three out of four agree that believing in Jesus makes a positive difference in a person's life." "In overwhelming percentages, the younger unchurched expressed an openness in regard to hearing their friends talk about Christ... They may not be open to an invitation to church, but they certainly are open to an invitation to conversation." "The younger unchurched are clearly making a distinction between

The Day of Jubilee has dawned so bright

I need to have a narrow focus for a moment.  I am not trying to be cynical or overly-critical, I just want some dialogue, so I hope you will dive into this with me.  This is something I get asked about quite a bit, and while I have my opinions, I'm not sure what the answer is. As a group within Christianity (we refuse the word "denomination") the Church of God (Anderson, IN) is struggling... and has been for quite some time.   The vast majority of congregations are stagnant or declining, while congregations of some other "tribes" are growing and thriving.  Walk into many of our congregations and you will ask, "Where are the people under 60?"  And here, for me, is the meat of the matter:  why are so many young voices in the Church of God, Pastors, Youth Pastors, Worship Leaders, etc. jumping ship?  Has anyone else noticed that this has reached epidemic proportions? And if we can define the problem, what can we do to turn the tide?  What can be do

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday, but Sunday's still happening! Grace and peace to you, my wonderful family! I just wanted to take a minute and share with you how awesome... that is, awe-FULL... our God is!  On Sunday, after our celebration of the Resurrection , I received several calls and messages saying what an overwhelming experience Sunday was.  I share with you all comments such as "that was the most moving Easter service I have ever been in" and "I don't know what else to say but WOW!"  As people were leaving Sunday, one first-time visitor (who had been invited at the Egg Hunt on Saturday) said to me, "I never knew church could be like this... this is special, this is amazing!"  Since Sunday, two other members of the Oaklawn family have shared with me that someone they invited (including one grandson) said the same thing!  Actually, the calls and messages continued on Monday... then Tuesday... and even today! The power and love of Jesus

Caption the photo

Let's play Caption the Photo!  The winner will be awarded 37 brownie points.