The other day I was talking with some friends of mine.  One's life has been devastated by the downturn in the economy... one is dealing with major issues at his place of employment... another couple's marriage is crashing into the rocks... and yet another worries about the direction our country is going and fears for what the future holds for his grandchildren.
It seems that everywhere I turn there is this feeling like life is in ruins.  A financial tornado blows through, relationships blown apart by hurricane force winds, and the future shaken by an emotional earthquake.  This is becoming the reality for more and more people.  I admit that I am most definitely an optimist – I really do think that everything is going to be ok.  But for what seems to be a growing majority, life is being shaken to the core.  This, for me, has presented a great challenge of listening and offering some encouragement – I honestly don’t always know what to say.
Recently, a young friend of mine (and former youth ministry student), Juan, gave me these words of Scripture that he shares with the youth he is now mentoring:
Don't be afraid. Stand firm and watch God do his work of salvation for you today.” –Exodus 14:13 (Message)
Life is going to have those moments that shake us to our very core.  We’re going to hurt.  Pain may cause us to question ourselves, and others, and yes, even, God.  It’s inevitable.  How am I supposed to not be afraid?  How am I supposed to stand firm?  How am I supposed to watch God do His work in my life when everything seems so unfixable?
You’ve probably heard the clich√©, “let go and let God.”  Sounds good, but let’s keep it real – this is often easier said than done.  It’s difficult to “let go.”  It can actually be hard work to get to the place where I can simply “let God.”  But let me share with you something that I have discovered, and I believe that you can too:  Learning to let go and let God is the key to becoming unshakeable. 
Over the next couple of months, at Oaklawn Church of God, we’re continuing on our never-ending journey towards the Truth and Peace of God by focusing our conversation on eternal principles found in Scripture that we can apply in days like these… and begin to become unshakeable. We may find we have more questions than answers, because such is the case when we live among the ruins.  Peace is not the absence of conflict; peace is the presence of the goodness of God.   Instead of seeking pat answers, let’s seek the peace of God for our souls.  Are you ready to discover some Hope among the ruins?


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