The Gay Prom Debate

So I created quite the Facebook stir by posting the link to this news story about a teenage girl in Mississippi who wants to attend her high school prom with her lesbian girlfriend.  So yeah, they are both lesbians... just to clear that up.  In case you missed the article click HERE.
The "stir" on my Facebook page was a back and forth debate between judgment and grace.  Many want to make this a debate about "right and wrong."  I feel that it's much deeper than that. After posting the link and asking what others thought about it, I spent the rest of the day away from the internet in meetings (during which time we actually discussed this very story/issue).  Upon returning to the flame-session/love-feast that I had instigated, I found numerous requests for what I thought about it.
I am much more of a feeler than a thinker... but I try.
#1 - my heart breaks for this young woman.  To be told "we don't want you" must be one of the most painful things to hear anyone say to you.  I can't imagine the trauma experienced in having your school say that they are going to cancel a time-honored tradition as huge as prom because we don't want you there; "We would rather cancel the whole thing than have you there."  In all honesty, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I want to give her a hug, sit down beside her and let her cry (if she wants) and just listen to her. Just listen... if I could hear her over my broken heart for how she has been treated.
#2 - I have wrestled with what the Bible says about this a lot.  I could quote all the same Scripture passages that everyone always does.  After challenging everything I was taught as "right and wrong" as a child, and seeking to own some idea of what truth is for myself (meaning not just believing what I was taught to believe, but actually looking for the "why" of those beliefs), I cannot help but accept that truth is this thing that alludes many of us.  This is because truth is something that is the way it is regardless of how I feel or what I think.  My feelings and my thoughts do not make a thing or an idea true.  So, while the breaking of my heart is cacophonic for this young lady in Mississippi, my understanding of the Creator God and the Bible is that homosexual physical relationships are not His plan nor His will. 
#3 - Reconciling what we feel and what we know is difficult.  I agree that homosexual practice separates one from God's plan for creation (OK, so the word is "sin" but can we really use it in love?).  I also agree that nothing - absolutely nothing - can separate any of us from God's love.  Yes, God's way is to love me even if I decide the Creator's way isn't really the way I want to go.  And all of this is maybe an attempt to dig out a really deep cancer on our society - selfishness.  Selfishness is neither straight nor gay - it goes both ways.
#4 - All of this "us vs. them" language doesn't do anyone any good.  My Christian friends, my brothers and my sistahs... please stop being so full of fear.  Please trust the God and the Messiah that you say you have faith in.  Unless we unlearn this fear, we will never learn to truly love others as Jesus Himself does.   And to my LGBT friends, please don't let our differences of opinion stifle a much needed conversation.  Please don't judge me as judgmental just because I say I believe the Bible.  The Bible says that God's love for you is crazy awesome.  Please don't let the perceived voice of the church turn you away from that seeking heart that beats within you for truth.  Keep seeking, keep searching, and some point give the Bible a chance - not to prove you're right or I'm right... not to prove anything.  Just read it because there is a Creator God that wants to spend time with you through those pages.


clemziam said…
Pastor Steve
Well said, I wish more Christians felt the same way....I have always felt sin is sin and none of us are seems like the judgmentalism (which is also a sin) brands all is so hard for society to separate love and acceptance....thank you for your commentary..Kay Clements
Staci Culberg said…
Awesome! This is why YOU are PS!!!

I have always felt it's not my place to's between you and God. Be kind to others and live your life. Thanks for following your heart and being an inspiration in my, and many others lives. I am blessed to know you PS! {{{hugs}}}
Queenzilla said…
Thanks for sharing that, Steve. Love your heart!!

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