The Fifth Light

Until the mornings warm up a little more so that I can sit on the deck, I like to sit at the dining room table to do my morning reading and meditation.  This is because I can look out the sliding glass doors that open to the deck.  It's almost like enjoying being able to sit outside... only without the coat.

Hanging above the dining room table is this chandelier.  With one light out.  This makes it very hard to read.  This may seem odd, seeing how there are four lights shining brightly upon me.  I mean, really, what difference should one light make when the other four are doing their job?  I can't explain the quantum physics of the directional path of light in conjunction to width and depth of open space; I just know this space I find myself in isn't all it can be, nor all it should be, and this most definitely affects my ability to read and enjoy that reading.  In order to get the most of my morning, I really need the fifth light. 

All of the lights are meant to work together.  In actuality all five bulbs together form one light.  They are all connected, and receive their power from the same source.  So when one bulb isn't shining, the light isn't right.  What is the source of your light?  Who are you connected to?  Are you shining?


Queenzilla said…
Shiniest blog post ever!!! I dig how your mind works.

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