Follow me to...

Love seeing this truck in the parking lot at Oaklawn Church of God...
I wonder if anybody ever follows on a Sunday morning, only to pull into the parking lot of a church facility, and say, "What the heck?  Well... are the wings any good here?"

The way of Jesus has a "follow Me" vibe about it, right?  After all, Jesus did say that numerous times in the Bible narrative. But I wonder if those who followed Him understood an implied "follow Me to"?  I wonder if when Jesus said, "Follow Me," if they thought He meant to Jerusalem or Galilee or Samaria... or did they understand Jesus to mean, "Follow Me to... wherever.  Just follow"? 

Sometimes we think we know the destination.  We can certainly come across that way. Like when we invite someone to follow Jesus, what we're really asking them to do is follow Him to our understanding of a known destination.  Following becomes about theology and doctrine and religion, because we've set ourselves that we have figured out where Jesus leads... as if He could only lead to one place.  What if Jesus is still saying, "Follow Me." and that's it?  What if He doesn't tell us where we're going, He just wants our companionship on the journey?  What if really following Jesus meant not knowing where He was leading you?  Would you follow? 


Kristeen Oliveira said…
Great blog! Keep being 'Shiny' as your words & heart shine through to lead many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!
Unknown said…
I'm not sure it is actually possible to truly "Follow" Jesus and know the destination..... isn't part of the process learning to fully trust and rely upon Him to lead you?
Following someone when you know where they are going is an act of consent.
Following someone when you have no idea where you are or how far you are going is an act of FAITH.
So, isn't the point of Jesus' open-ended statement "Follow Me..." to challenge us to have faith and trust Him?

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