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Firsts... and lasts

When you get my age (not quite 40) its easy to begin to think that there is not much left to do... for the first time. But I don't hold to that. As I look around... and back at 2008... there is still much of life on this little rock we call Earth for me to experience. A few firsts in my own life during 2008... * I completed my first full year as a lead pastor of a congregation of Christ-followers. * I attended a concert by a bluegrass band that I actually really liked, The Franz Family . * I voted for a losing presidential candidate. * I was my son's camp counselor. * I caught a fish in Arkansas. * I began grinding my own coffee beans! * I hiked on mountain trails for an hour in the dark before the sun came up... without a flashlight. * I built a fire inside my house (in the fireplace)! * I learned how to run a Christmas tree farm.