What religion is your Christianity?

When I first meet new people, and they find out that I'm a pastor, I often get asked this question: "What religion are you?" My answer is, "Christian." Then they usually say something like, "Yeah... but what religion? What kind of Christian?" So I reply, "Well... I'm a follower of Christ. That's really the only kind of Christian I know about."

If you are a follower of Christ, have you ever been asked questions like these? How do you answer them?

It's obvious that those asking such a question as "What religion are you?" are really wanting to know, "What denomination are you?" As if Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, Church of Christ, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc. are all different religions.

I try to look at it like this - all of us a part of one family. There's only One Father, right? And just like any family, which is made up of smaller family units, we do things a little bit differently over at our house. I may go to the house of one of my cousins, and they eat dinner a certain way... then I may go to another cousin's house, and they eat dinner their way... and back at my house, we have dinner in a completely different way then either of them. So, when we have a family reunion, and share a meal together, it's not because we agree on everything and do everything the same way... it's because we're a family and we belong together.


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